My experiments with food…

Its been 3 days since I’ve arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan’s 2nd largest city (Detroit being the first). The experience has been mixed…I met an old lady on the Delhi Newark flight. She was a businessman, and traveled frequently to India. She was kinda depressed with all the changes that India was witnessing. She loved the old India without all those high rises and traffic. She said that its good for all you young people but i love the old india.

I was amazed to see the traffic discipline in the US. I couldn’t believe it. I mean you try comparing witth India. Back in India you’ll find at least 4 cars and a truck and 2 aauto rikshaws in a 4 lane road…!

The culture shock wasn’t all that big coz I’m living with an american and i got used to his habbits before i could be surprised by those of outsiders, Thanks to him, he helped me discover a lot about the American culture so soon.

But the biggest trouble that I’ve been facing here is FOOD…!!! The day i arrived, i just went to sleep (thanks to the jet lag…) next day, morning I had toast, hotdogs for lunch and no dinner, coz again i slept early…(it takes time to adjust to the time change)

Next day morning i again had a toast for breakfast. And went to a local brewery for lunch. The menu was Beer and sandwich. Common, when was the last time I had sandwich for lunch ? At least I can’t recall of any…!

I’m not the only one facing this trouble, all the folks who’re out for internship are facing this problem…FOOD !!! some have resorted to maggie and the others are eating bread and canned Tuna fish( yuck…)  The intelligent ones took indian spices etc from home..(I certinly do not belong to this category..!)

The worst thing is that i searched the whole departmental store in search of maggie only to be disappointed. I got packed Rice and canned vegetables and canned onions and canned potatoes and all other stuff…the only thing that was common was that they were all canned.

But what to do with rice without any dal…??? But I was lucky, one of my friends who’s doing her internship in some university in paris gave me the directions to make fried rice over mail. I made fried rice. Its pretty easy. take the Rice bag and put it into boiling water without opening the bag. after 5 mins take the bag out of the water. keep it in a plate. heat a pan and add some oil in the pan. now take out some of the onions from the can. Do the same with the vegetables and potato. Be careful not to cut your hands while you cut open the can. After all this gets heated, add the rice and stir for a few mins. And for god sake, don’t commit the mistake that I did when I cooked it the first time. DO ADD THE SALT !!! and here it is ready… serve it in a plate, I like it with some orange juice but then it depends, you can have it with whatever you like. You can also add some butter to add to the taste.

hope you like it. I’ve been promised by the gud friend(who gave me the recipe of fried rice) to forward some more recipes. Will keep posting them all to ensure that all others like me who are beginners to the world of cooking can survive here. and won’t have to depend on sandwich, hotdog and beer for living.