Modem Configurations for BSNL Broadband

I just got a BSNL Broadband connection (UL 750 Plan) and spent all day trying to setup the connection on my laptop and desktop. The setup on Windows 7 via wired connection was a cake walk, but the wireless on the Windows gave me hell.

After a lot of googling and some hit & trial, I was finally able to get the wireless as well as wired connection on both my machines – laptop and the desktop, in both Windows and Ubuntu.

System Information

I’m using Type 2 ADSL modem Teracom T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI. The machines I’ve connected run Windows 7 Professional and Ubuntu 10.04.


I’m assuming that you have been able to connect to the modem using the wired or wireless connection and we’re going to concentrate on connecting to Internet part.

  1. Fire up your browser and navigate to This is your modem’s IP address. You’ll be prompted to give username and pasword. By default, BSNL uses admin and admin as the username and password. respectively.You’ll be directed to the Home >> Overview Page.
  2. Before we start playing around with the settings and configuration, lets create a backup of our current modem settings. Go to Admin >> Backup & Restore, and create a backup file and save it on your local hard drive.
  3. If you’re using Teracom T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI, then you just got lucky, because I have the configuration file that you can use straight away and save yourself the effort to manually change all the settings. You may download the configuration file off this link:
  4. In order to save this configuration file to your modem, go to Admin >> Backup & Restore.Backup & Restore
  5. You still need to set your username and password in the new internet connection that has been created. Go to Configuration >> Internet Connection and edit the pppoe_0_35 connection. Keep on pressing the Next button until you arrive “Configure Broadband Username and Password” page. > Internet Connection Configuration” src=”” alt=”” width=”640″ height=”515″ />Use the username and password provided to you by your provider and click on Next. Finally on the last page, click on Apply to set everything up.
  6. The last step is to reboot the modem. Go to Admin >> Reboot and reboot the router therefrom. Wait for a minute and you’re all set with the modem.

Now that we have our modem properly configured, we can move to setting up the PC. For Windows, its pretty straight forward, but for Linux, it may not be all that easy. I had a hard time trying to configure linux to get the internet connection. And then I came across this totally awesome tool wicd. wicd worked like a charm and it was all very easily setup without any problem.


the bitch is here !

Ever since I replaced my CPU and 17 inch monstrous CRT monitor with a 14 inch HP laptop, I’ve been missing the large screen badly. Getting a new monitor to connect with my laptop was on my cards since quite some time, but I was unable to materialize it due to one or the other reasons. But, finally I bought a new big black beautiful bitch from Kolkata. It was pretty difficult to find a 22 inch monitor with HDMI port. I checked in 4 shops – including the (in)famous E-Mall in Chandani Chowk, Kolkata and got a negative. 22 inches are very common in CC but HDMI port was the problem. Finally, I was able to lay my hands on one with HDMI port at good old Arihant’s. Thanks to his bias for kgpians, he not only arranged the monitor with HDMI support, but also gave it to me at the old (cheaper) price. Here’s a snap of the laptop with the monitor connected with the HDMI cable.

Big Black Beautiful Bitch
the Big Black Beautiful Bitch

Coming to the specifications:

It has a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 and a dynamic contrast ratio of 10000:1. It has a D-sub, DVI-D as well as HDMI input connector. I have tried the DVI-D input connector once, but most of the time I’ve been running with the HDMI connector. Note that, the HDMI connector doesn’t come along with the Monitor and you’ll have to buy it separately. The picture quality has been great ! It took me quite some time to grasp all the functionalities of its vast menu. It has a number of preconfigured settings which can be changed from the monitor’s panel manually. It also has inbuilt speakers and supports HDMI audio. The response time is 5 ms (gray to gray is 2 ms). Its user manual also boasts of a senseye+photo technology which gives 5 preset modes to support everyday needs. I haven’t been able to discover these modes fully yet. But, for sure this bitch is on for some real adventure for the coming few days.

There seems to be some problem with ubuntu 10.04 as it has failed to support the HD audio on my system. It works absolutely fine on windows 7 but ubuntu is creating quite some trouble. But I’m not surprized, 10.04 was launched jst a week back and its pretty much expected to have some bugs in the system for the next few days. I’m hoping that the problem will be fixed asap. I’ve been using the monitor for mostly 2 purposes – viz coding and watching movies in full HD. The experience is simply awesome ! Combined with a Creative 2.1 speakers, it acts pretty much like a Home Theatre system. Very soon I’ll be getting myself a 5.1 speakers and it’ll add some more fun to the experience.