Modem Configurations for BSNL Broadband

I just got a BSNL Broadband connection (UL 750 Plan) and spent all day trying to setup the connection on my laptop and desktop. The setup on Windows 7 via wired connection was a cake walk, but the wireless on the Windows gave me hell.

After a lot of googling and some hit & trial, I was finally able to get the wireless as well as wired connection on both my machines – laptop and the desktop, in both Windows and Ubuntu.

System Information

I’m using Type 2 ADSL modem Teracom T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI. The machines I’ve connected run Windows 7 Professional and Ubuntu 10.04.


I’m assuming that you have been able to connect to the modem using the wired or wireless connection and we’re going to concentrate on connecting to Internet part.

  1. Fire up your browser and navigate to This is your modem’s IP address. You’ll be prompted to give username and pasword. By default, BSNL uses admin and admin as the username and password. respectively.You’ll be directed to the Home >> Overview Page.
  2. Before we start playing around with the settings and configuration, lets create a backup of our current modem settings. Go to Admin >> Backup & Restore, and create a backup file and save it on your local hard drive.
  3. If you’re using Teracom T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI, then you just got lucky, because I have the configuration file that you can use straight away and save yourself the effort to manually change all the settings. You may download the configuration file off this link:Β
  4. In order to save this configuration file to your modem, go to Admin >> Backup & Restore.Backup & Restore
  5. You still need to set your username and password in the new internet connection that has been created. Go to Configuration >> Internet Connection and edit the pppoe_0_35 connection. Keep on pressing the Next button until you arrive “Configure Broadband Username and Password” page. > Internet Connection Configuration” src=”” alt=”” width=”640″ height=”515″ />Use the username and password provided to you by your provider and click on Next. Finally on the last page, click on Apply to set everything up.
  6. The last step is to reboot the modem. Go to Admin >> Reboot and reboot the router therefrom. Wait for a minute and you’re all set with the modem.

Now that we have our modem properly configured, we can move to setting up the PC. For Windows, its pretty straight forward, but for Linux, it may not be all that easy. I had a hard time trying to configure linux to get the internet connection. And then I came across this totally awesome tool wicd. wicd worked like a charm and it was all very easily setup without any problem.


60 thoughts on “Modem Configurations for BSNL Broadband”

    1. @Dipankar,
      By “reset settings” do you mean to restore the modem’s configuration to factory settings?
      You can easily do that by going to and navigating to Admin >> Reboot section. Set “Reboot From” to “Factory”, and reboot. You’ll get the factory settings back on your modem. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  1. hey ! how to connect through self dialing i mean through windows network and connection wizard actually when i started using it i always conected my pc through self dialing but after reseting my modem it connects automatically creating trouble for my 250 bb plan

    1. bhavya,

      Go to Control Panel >> Network and Sharing Center.
      Just next to your Network SSID, you’ll find “Connections: Wireless Network Connection (BSNL_AP)”. Replace BSNL_AP with the network SSID of your network. Click on it to see the Wireless Network Connection status. In this dialog, click on the “Wireless Properties”.
      Next, uncheck the “Connect automatically when this network is in range” checkbox in the resulting window. Thats it, that should solve your problem.

  2. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

  3. hello texens!
    yaar I have unbelievable problem!!:(
    once a time I was rebooted my settings as factory settings and after few time my modem was rebooted then the “INTERNET” yellow light was “on” on my adsl syrma modem that I was not seen it before!!
    then sometimes I waited and tried to start the internet connection then it failed again and again I m using win7 so I troubleshooted my modem in network connections then it replys as “error 651” error reported by your modem!!
    then I tried to do something in my so I was do it on Local Network Configuration and pppoe_0_35 setting
    yes that was successful but WTF successful :(:(:(
    the result was unbelievable !!!
    my internet connection is started without any configuration and broadband connection settings 😦

    now when I want to start internet I just have to enable LAN on control-network conn. and when I want to stop internet I just have to disable LAN!!!!
    I dont know WTF was happens but I have no problem with speed, location, IP, DNS anything

    what you think I have to reset it from my service provider or not??? or is there any way to reset my internet settings just as it was

    1. well, as you said that you don’t have any problem with the internet connection, speed, DNS etc, I don’t think there is any need to change the settings.
      In order to reset the settings back to old one, you need to have the old configuration file, which you can create using the method mentioned above in the blog. If you want to reset it to factory, you can do that easily from the Admin >> Reboot panel.

  4. and another thing is I can’t access portal ID on dataone site 😦 and yes I doubt on BSNL service!! my portal ID is 13 digit no. as ash2312630553 I give it because it doesn’t works πŸ˜›
    how ever I heard that the ID is always in 14 digit!!
    I contacted my service provider at last week they say to dial 1500 or the 180… also …that no.
    when I tried 1500 it is not working it says something about service problem(I doubt is this must dial on BSNL landline or something??)
    when I tried 18004241600 then the old madam was there she said dial 197 and the damm it!! 😦 again it replyed the error to contact now I m in “tense” about my limited plan 500
    What to do??

    I got my 500 bill just that was 552, I doubt about my data usage, is there any notification of my data usage on BILL?? my open and closed meter reading is same!!

    also I seen there they say my free usage is 2100 MB how ever they say 0 usage happens in the bill??
    here is NET MB 0 USAGE 0 BBUSAGE 0
    what is this? are they notify the usage only if my 2100 free usage exceeded???


    1. I’ve got a 750 unlimited plan, so I don’t have any idea about the charge etc. I’d suggest you speak to your regional BSNL SDO regarding the same. You can find his mobile number online. I always find it easier to talk to the SDO and fetch information directly from the SDO rather than these 1800 numbers etc. all the best πŸ˜‰

  5. hi,
    Could you please tell me how to connect to wireless in this specific type of modem? My OS is Windows 7 32 bit. My Wireless card just doesnt connect. It just says “failed to connect”. I am, however, able to connect to other wireless networks.

    1. You need to set the configuration for the wireless Network. Go to Configuration >> Wireless Network tab, and Wireless Network is set to “Enable”. For debugging purpose, I’d suggest that you set the “Select Security Option” to “Off-Not Encryption” and test if you’re able to connect it.

  6. Hello Texens,

    I have Windows 7 64 bit installed in my pc. My modem number is UT300R2U. I have created a new Broadband network connection under Network section. When, I try to connect the internet using my BB username and password it connects fine.

    But, after few minutes all the lights of my modem freezes up and internet connection also hanged. When try to re-connect the internet, it is giving error 651. I tried to disconnect the modem and restart the pc for several times but the issue persist.

    I have connected my modem through LAN card. Any help in this matter will be highly appreciated.

  7. hello texens,

    wireless is not detected even if I set security option to ‘Off-No Encryption’. Pls advise.

    I am able to view other wireless networks around but not of BSNL at my home 😦

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Vipul,

      Its difficult to say what exactly might be causing the trouble at your end. But, I’d suggest yout to ensure that you have the following settings for your broadband in Configuration >> Wireless Network

      Global Setting
      Select Profile: 802.11B/G
      Wireless Network: Enable
      Select Country: INI

      Network Name (SSID): BSNL_AP (You can set it to whatever you want your network to be named)
      Hide SSID: No

      Make sure that you set Hide SSID to NO.


      1. thanks! for the prompt reply, I appreciate that.

        though I have these set correctly, will try re-setting all to factory & re-configure.


  8. I have the same settings as mentioned in your post… I was connected for the first time and it was working fine with any issues… After I restarted my machine, I’m not able to connect… I’m getting a RED light against the internet… can you please help?

  9. sir,
    My modem is T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y.BI. i have checked all the configuration setting of my modem as per the steps mentioned on site. now the thing is that when i want to use my laptop in its wifi zone, the laptop recognises the network as BSNL_AP and gets connected as well, but the connection is local only and unable to open the internet, please advise


  10. I am using the same teracom modem, the LAN and wireless connection was working well. I had to reset the modem two days before and after that my connection through LAN is working but wireless connection is not detecting and working. I am using windows XP. Please help me.

  11. hi texens….nice post….but i’ve another problem with the same modem….whenever using pppoe_0_35…. the internet LED turns red, but it works fine in bridged mode….i’ve a pc with win7 n laptop with win xp, i’m able to connect only one at a time.

    p.s. – the internet LED goes off in bridged mode


  12. hi! everyone
    I think it’s good site for asking some questions,i would like to ask about how to forward the port for utorrent in this can be possible to that please reply as soon as possible. don’t mind because i cant find any other help on this model no,i know it’s different topic but still if can help me i will be grateful to you

  13. Hi.. Im with BSNL broadband 750 plan.. Im not able to see the modem page.. when I go to it takes me to error page… .. I dont know how to go to it…

  14. Hi,

    I have a BSNL UL750 plan with quidway WA1003A ADSL type 2 modem. I am able to connect to the wireless network from my laptop running Windows Vista. However when I try to connect from my netbook running Win 7, it always says security key mismatch everytime even though the key is correct.
    Please could you help diagnose what the problem is?


  15. Hi Frnds,
    Am having 750 combo plan with type-I modem teracom, i have a problem in that the DATA led is always red, its not the problem cause by software upgrade because we got it reconfigured from BSNL. Here have some connection details. if you guys can make out some thing from this it ll be helpful for me,

    SNR downstream 9dB
    SNR Upstream 22.5db
    attenuation downstream 46dB
    attenuation upstream 28db

  16. hey buddy

    hope u will be able to help me with this issue –

    how to forward a port on this router model – T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-B1

    i tried going to security > port forwarding > add > user defined

    but the port start and port end fields are still grayed out so i cant enter any port no in there..

    got any suggestions?

  17. I have install D Link Wifi device on my pc. My PC shows BSNL_AP wireless network, but when i click on connect it remains still and it is not connected.



  19. Hello, Sir
    I want to ask , how to limit downstream for a mac address…
    As there are three laptops and one desktop.
    I want to limit the bandwidth for the computer…
    Please help me if u know..
    i have searched alot but found nothing..:-)

  20. Hi,
    Is there any option to use my teracom modem T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI as a print server(Directly connected to modem through usb port).. If any please help so that i can use my HP Deskjet 2100 wirelessly..

  21. hey wats the use of usb port provided in router. can i acess my pendrive aftr attaching it in usb slot of router via pc

    1. Hi,
      USB port provided for LAN use.. I’m tryin for more if any.. I’ve also tried to access pendrive through that but not succeded..

  22. Hi,
    I’m using Teracom T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI. modem. Whenever I connect my printer(HP Deskjet 2100) to USB port USB light shows green.. But cannot use as the USB port is for LAN only.. I want to use the modem as a print server through that usb port. Can u please help me..

  23. Hello Friend, I was browsing for a configuration of the Teracom Wifi modem, found your page on this.Though I tried the suggested configuration, I am still not able to connect my laptop thru’ Wifi. Yes, I can connect through ethernet cable also I get to see my wifi picking my SSID successfuly, just that it fails to show up any internet site. My laptop was working fine with other router but was getting switched off after 2-3 hrs of work.Hence got this new modem.

    Btw, ur backupsettings rar file is not accessible as it expects to have membership in rapidshare. Can you be able to send the file thru’ any other means?

    Thanks in advance

  24. Hi,

    I’m using ubuntu 10.04 and I uninstalled network manager. But when I try to install WICD from the Software center of ubuntu. It just says in progress for a max of two seconds and dissappears. and I dont see WICD being installed. Please do reply..


  25. can i connect my android device to Modem using USB port in modem to access N/W connection
    or state me use of USB port in DSL Modem

  26. dear all, MY t1-dsl699e94u6-5 is sometimes troubles by showing POWER as RED and i checked all cable and even replaced cables with new serviceable one but it shows RED light, but after turning off system and re starting several times it becomes OK. that means there is no hardware problem, can anybody suggest me a solution to this problem. thanks

  27. after doing all the things mentioned above… everything is fine… can connect my laptop and phone with wireless and pc also…but now when i turn on my pc it get automaticallly connected to the internet..i dont have to connect through broadband dial up..which i used earlier to connect pc…so i want to know that is there any problem or not…becaus my pc get automatically connectd to internet without broadband dial up….

  28. Dear Sir..

    Teracom CPE Model : T2-B- Gawv1.4U10Y-BI

    And please tell me which wireless profile given below is more suitable to get more strong singles
    802.11G only or 802.11 B only or 802.11 MIXED LONG.
    and I am accessing my wifi from 10 meters away. So please suggest a solution or settings to get speedy WIFI inernet.

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