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My first svn commit

Here comes the day I had been waiting for since the very first day i started my internship…I made my first svn commit today. svn stands for SubVersion. Its a studd way of keeping ur code under strict version control. We write code and we write a lot of that. Many a times we need to revert back to the old code when things don’t work as expected. This version control system comes handy in such situations. All you need to do is shoot a command on the terminal and you’ll have the old code base back on your system. I worked on my first story, it was a short one, in fact a zero pointer, and had to do with the view of the form of the app we’re working on. The feeling that you have when you make the transition from a learner to a developer is just great, it can’t be expressed, you need to experience it to know it. Its like coming out of the egg shell, facing the world. It takes away all the securities that you have. But then it also brings with itself a lot of responsibilities.