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memoirs – kshitij 2008 with MACT.


Hi friends…kshitij came and went…..but left back so many sweet memories… i had never thought that i’ll make so many friends in a short span of 4 days…in fact i’m more frank to all you friends than to most of my batchmates here in kgp….

The time i spent with all you people was great…a memorable one…but unfortunately due to the chaos at the finance tent…(curse the finance team)…everything became a mess and you people had to leave in a hurry. I’m very sorry that i couldn’t help you people, i was feeling so guilty and i think i should personally apologize to sam for all that shouldn’t have happened. I hope you folks will forgive me for that, kindly forget all the chaos that happened at the end and allow the sweeter memories of the fest to take over these last few hitches.

I wanted to talk much more to all you people. kaash tum log kuch aur din ruk jaate.

Anyways, i thought of using the net for conveying my message to all you buddies and instead of scrapping each one of you individually on the orkut, i made this common page to communicate to u all.

so i’ll start with my langotia yaar…abhay and sandeep. I don’t know whether they persuaded all the bhopalis to come to kgp or it was the other way round. In fact that doesn’t really matter. what matters is that i wouldn’t have been able to meet all you people had they not been here. So thanks to both of them for being here.

Whenever we’re in shaktinagar, we come out of our homes at 4-5 pm and roam around the township for hours and hours and hours together and go back home not before 9 pm, despite being scolded at home for coming late, on a daily basis. And we can continue that even till we become great grandfathers. we have loads to talk and the content goes on increasing rather than decreasing, with every hour of chat we have. We’ve had so much of fun in school together. I still remember one of the incident, we were playing in the classroom, and suddenly out of nowhere, came our vice principal, sharan sir. He asked us to come in front of the class, we knew he’s gonna hit us so we started from our seats and started moving out of the class room( who wants to be slapped in front of the whole classroom…) but our vice princi was such a @#@$#, he asked us to stop in front of the classroom itself, didn’t allow us to get out of the room and then he hit us. After he went out we again started playing…. 🙂 who cares…!!!

and then the incident with sandeep in delhi is another belly tickler, in fact i can’t mention it here, it needs a lot of explanation…jst ask him about “NISHA” and he’ll narrate the story himself. but “The final output was zero.”

coming over to sam, at first look i thought that she must be a nerd, a perfect 10 pointer, those specs and the keen interest in robotics, but it was only after some time that i realised she’a a completely different breed than what i had thought her of. I’m certainly gonna ask the kshitij organising team to keep a competition for walking the maximum distance on those yellow-black bricks built on the roadside, separating the road and pavement…and i guess we know the unanimous winner…sam…well sam i’ve parceled my cycle to bpl…jst as promised…so keep checking ur nearest postoffice for the delivery. And one more thing sam, all the chaos that happened at the finance tent due to those stupid people sitting in there, is jst an example of how hard life is…so be strong…u have to face the world…next time anything of the sort happens, i want you to stand up and face the situation instead of being upset. all the best…

indu…wen i saw her the first time near acco desk, i thought that i’ve seen her before…maybe kota or delhi…bt it was only after abhay introduced me to her that i realised that she’s also from the same school…dps vindhyanagar. indu, u’ve got excellent communication skills and confidence…keep it up…and congrats for tycoons…dekh watever u say, there’s one thing i know pretty well…you folks owe me a treat. and merely being far away in bpl won’t suffice as an excuse. I can come down to bpl to take my treat. we kgpians are an expert in jhaaping treat… 🙂

and now Mariam, the Miss Inty Binty…whenever i see her, i’m reminded of my childhood days, i mean i could never believe that she’s a 2nd year student in an engineering colg, had i not been introduced. Her cute smile reminds me of the innocence of a 4 yr old kid. But there’s a lot that i’ve learnt from her. I always ensure that i don’t make any screeping noise while inserting my ATM card in the slot in ATM machine. and the inty binty incidence was such a funny one…even while i’m writing about it, i can feel a smile touching my face. And mariam, i’m pretty sorry that you had to go without your dinner, i thought i’ll get something packed for you at one of the restaurants, but everything happened in such a hurry, that i completely forgot it. When my roommate offered me some chips  here at room late into night, i realised that i shud have got something packed for u. sorry again.

Prachi, i guess, you were not impressed with the kgpian food and restaurants, especially the Tikka-maybe coz of the the hygiene factor.  But then I’m not supposed to be blamed, Tikka is jst a time pass restaurant used by students and Profs to kill time. Sahara’s service sucks bigtime. There are better restaurants like LS( Little Sisters-the one where we had our last lunch) and Park, where i could take u ppl. But Abhay and Sandeep asked me not to take u ppl to these restaurants as they have attached bars. It was only after i ensured that u ppl had confidence in me, that i took u ppl to LS. But I promise next time u all come to kgp, we’ll be going to Tomrolipto Park, Gardens inn and shere Punjab, the best restaurants over here.

Vikas kirar, now this is wat we call a phunki d00d in Sandeep’s style. really he was one another unique piece. The corridor incidence that his frds told me, wat he did after his 1st time, those 3 words, ppl were running away from him and hiding behind locked doors. I want to write the whole incidence here but i know he’ll not let me…anyways u ppl are smart enough, and i believe u can easily extract the details of the incidence from any of the hostelites. And brother, I really feel sorry that you had to stand and wait for 2 hrs, while we were busy counting rotis in LS.

Siddhay, The senior Citizen, well we did a blunder on the last day, sam was standing for almost 4 hrs in the line. We should have asked our senior citizen to stand there in the line, he would have got the refund within minutes using his previledges…hehe jst kidding…dil pe mat lena yaar…get well soon and ride carefully in future…

Vivek, the idli man, and Amit singh, the you know wat 😉 i need not mention the nick…guys it was fun being with u folks, i’ve never been through such comic experience. and amit u’re a superb dancer, those few minutes were good enuff for me to recognise ur dancing potential. Dude do give me some training in dance and stuff. I’m pretty poor at it.

vikram, ayush and saurabh, it was great to have u ppl here in kgp. Lemme tell that u ppl have the responsibility of keeping our gangwal’s temper under control (hehe…jst kidding). I know there were many a things in the fest that could have been better, but then u see there was an unexpected growth in the no. of participants, i told u that i was expecting about 3000 ppl will be turning up. But more than 6000 ppl turned up, i hope they’ll be better prepared next time.

I’m missing u ppl a lot. Today i went to the mess, but before i could take my first roti, i was reminded of the tedious calculations of the no. of rotis we were doin at LS, trying hard to decide who was the culprit who had left his chapatis. While i was walking on the 2.2, i thought of how i spent time with sandeep and abhay discussing some of the most vital issues of my life, while walking on this very road. Its really difficult to face the truth that all my friends are gone. The sudden absence of all u folks seems like a vacuum in ma life. We have a somewhat monotonous life out here in kgp. Getup at 6:30, classes from 7:30 to 12:30, skip the lunch, then go for the lab from 1:30 to 4:30. get back to the hall, then snacks and assignments and dinner and back to assignments. Its more or less a race to meet the submission deadlines. This is why i love the vacations so much, spending time with friends like abhay and sandeep in shaktinagar is so much fun, nothing can replace it. The presence of all you ppl was quiet a change in the usual timetable, I don’t think i’ve spent so much time outside my room or lab even in my last 1 year. The point i want to drive home is that it was a pleasure having your company all the time we were together. And it is my sole wish is to meet all you people again and that too as soon as possible.

in the last few days, i’ve made quiet a many frds and in fact i’ve become a fan of nitb.

at last i’d like to mention the one-liner that u all shouted after the corporate debate event.

veer bahadur ladke kaun-MACT MACT.

hats off to u nit bpl. will be looking forward to meeting all u ppl pretty soon.

Link to some of the pics : kshitij 08 mact pics




I know that even u ppl would like to comment so do drop in ur comments, i’ll respond to them as soon as i see them.