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Hindi translations for limesurvey

I had an interesting experience today. We needed to translate a news article posted on limesurvey website into hindi. I had never done any translations before and had absolutely no idea how to do it. In the absence of a Hindi keyboard, it bacame all the more difficult.

My first thought was to try Google translations. After a couple attempts, I realized that the google translations wasn’t good enough. Fortunately, while googling for translations I stumbled upon 2 very useful resources – Google Transliterations and shabdkosh.

Using Google Transliterations, one can type hindi words using english alphabets and the transliteration engine automatically convrerts the words from english alphabets to hindi alphabets. On the other hand, shabdkosh is an excellent English to Hindi dictionary. On querying english words, it returns the translated words in hindi alphabets and makes life easier 🙂

It would have been a herculian task to do all the translations in the absence of these two amazing resources. I’ll be getting myself a HIndi keyboard in a couple days to make it easier to type in the hindi alphabets physically.